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Vico V Card – Roundabout Resume Template

Vico V Card – Roundabout Resume Template

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Vico V Card Template is a html template which has a unique 3-dimensional transition and transparent effects. Customize the template, and background color with your favorite

New Layout

  • Diagonal Ring Left Effect
  • Roller Coaster Effect
  • Lazy Suzan Effect
  • The Juggler Effect


  • Valid HTML 5
  • 3D Effect Transisition
  • Bootstrap
  • Lastest Tweet (Jquery for Twitter)
  • Instagram Jquery Image display

Item Content

  1. Sliced design files, including .html file, .css file and various .js files
  2. Comprehensive documentation

Update 1.2 ( 7 June 2013)

– Various Lay Out Option! – More Flat Design Feel

Update 1.1 ( 17 April 2013)

– New : Next, Prev, Play, Pause control – Added : jQuery Easing Effect

Update 1.0 ( 26 March 2013)

– Initial Release

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